CRM2plus Software

CRM2plus is a CRM2 software which was developed to address the upcoming CRM2 performance reporting mandate in the wealth management sector. CFP’s, members of IIROC and MFDA (Mutual Fund Dealers Association) are required to report IRR (Internal Rate of Return) performance and fees. The CRM2plus software gives financial planners a detailed analysis and reports on:

  • Quarterly returns
  • Annual IRR calculations
  • Comparison between net investment and historical account value
  • Benchmark Comparisons
  • Best and worst months/quarters/years

so that clients can understand their portfolio performance. Individual accounts can be looked at separately or aggregated as desired. Portfolios can be compared against benchmarks including S&P, TSX, DEX Midcap Bond Index, MSCI and EAFE.


Developing software applications for Financial Services and Wealth Management Industry, and Insurance.


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