CRM2 Reporting made Easy

CRM2 reporting requirements are coming.   In the UK and Australia, where similar rules were adopted, the fallout was huge in the financial services industry.  Alone, the new reporting requirements demanded more time and effort from financial advisors and created more office burden.

Once CRM2 requirements were met, the new reports raised questions in clients’ minds, resulting in even more time and reporting from FA office staff.

The Canadian financial services industry will be faced with these challenges shortly. CRM2 reporting and meeting requirements can overwhelm you.  What you need are new and better tools.

Some of the top performing FA’s in Canada are using CRM2plus portfolio analysis software.

Using the right tool for the right job has always been a hallmark of the professional.  You would not hire a roofer who came with just a hammer and a bag of nails.   If he doesn’t have a nail gun, he is not a professional.  Now that these new requirements are here, you need new and better tools.  CRM2plus portfolio analysis software was created in anticipation of CRM2 reporting challenges, to ease the burden on financial advisors.

CRM2plus portfolio analysis software assists you to:

  • Create clarity for your clients – answer questions and provide explanations
  • Easily meet CRM2plus reporting requirements and more
  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd
  • Demonstrate the value that you provide to your clients
  • But seriously, most of all, makes it easy to prepare the docs.

CRM2plus portfolio analysis software helps you demonstrate your value to clients and gives you that competitive edge.


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