Tired of using Excel to Prepare for Client Meetings?

Are you a portfolio manager and finding it challenging to create the required CRM2 reports from your legacy system? Are you tired of using Excel to massage data?

There are tools available that allow you to show clients graphically, their portfolio performance. There are tools that require much less of your time and provide better results.

One such software tool, CRM2plus, satisfies and goes several steps beyond CRM2 regulations regarding performance, allowing you to demonstrate the value of your advice.

The key competitive advantages of CRM2plus software are:

  • CRM2plus reads the client’s statements and generates XIRR reports in graphical format. Clients see graphically what was invested and when, against portfolio market value over time. XIRR and volatility are metrics that are provided.
  • Performance of the complete portfolio, or any investment, can be shown on one graph. You can analyze various assets and aggregate them for a complete financial picture, including external assets such as real estate investments.
  • Merging accounts is another feature. This is relevant when analyzing a family’s pooled assets such as husband and wife’s RRSP’s, TFSA’s, a family trust, and a business.
  • Benchmarking: Using data from major stock market indices including S&P and NASDAQ, the software can create a transactionally consistent comparison portfolio for benchmarking. Indices can be weighted, to demonstrate the effects of market movements on a client portfolio.
  • Counterfactual portfolio’s or What if’s: portfolios can be replicated and various “what if?” scenarios graphed against actuals to demonstrate to the client what would have happened if other decisions had been made.

Why is CRM2plus software important for you? Success comes from a competitive advantage and the CRM2plus software gives you that advantage.


graphical results of investment performance with CRM2plus.com


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