Time Management and the New Financial Advisor

by guest blogger Jan Hanson

Time management is one of the hardest skills to develop. Anybody can write a list, add 100 tasks, and set a due date. A rare few are able to focus long enough to complete more than 5 of these tasks. It’s in human nature to be distracted. What human nature doesn’t understand is that:

  • you need to send out those Happy Birthday emails,
  • talk to your Marketing Assistant,
  • confirm your schedule for the next week,
  • keep up appearances in relevant community events,
  • and still have time for your friends and family. (…eating and sleeping are extras.)

Life as an Advisor is always going to require time management. Your to-do list is going to increase as you build your business and perfect your craft. Once you’re at the top of your game you’re still going to be required to juggle all those things you had to juggle before.   Added to concerns about your revenue stream will be:

  • making time to attend to your waiting list of clients,
  • time to manage your Marketing Assistant so that they are not smothered
  • and time to bat off New Training Managers with a stick while they all try and draw you into their New Advisor Training Sessions.

Cut down on the time that you and your Marketing Assistant spend on Financial Analyses’ by using the right software. There are tools out there, such as CRM2plus, that allow you to answer questions, graph performance, create speculative scenarios about investing and results. Build pictorials that will stun your clients with the benefits that you provide them. Spend more time building that book of business with happier more satisfied clients.

With all this success, you’re probably going to need another MA though.. it may be a good idea to hire some of those new advisors too.. just a thought.

Create Clarity for your Clients



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