The Value of Financial Advice

by guest blogger Jan Hanson

As a client, you may be wondering what you’re gaining from your Financial Advisor’s advice or whether or not the value they bring to the table is worth paying for.

The average investor doesn’t have the time or the interest to sit down and analyze pages of financial jargon, or the dedication to attempt to dissect their financial statements. While having an advisor can be lucrative in generating higher returns, it also provides access to the opinion of an educated individual and all of their resources.

If your statements are so muddled you don’t even know where to start, it may bring you peace of mind to know that studies have proven that advised households have approximately twice the level of financial assets as their non-advised counterparts.

Meaning while paying fees for a professional’s guidance may not prove to be immediately beneficial, in the long term, it has proven to generate double the amount you would have made without the advice.


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