Working with the Average Investor

The average investor lacks the time to make sense of their financial reports.  The biggest benefit of using a financial advisor is having a credible, well-educated individual to explain performance and help guide financial decisions.   Explaining financial results and guiding decision making are key roles for the advisor.

Easier said than done!  The majority of financial statements generalize important information into percentages that are not meaningful or easily understood.  Subsequently the onus is on the financial advisor to create clarity, which can become a time consuming task.

Some very successful financial advisors have turned to 3rd party software to help explain client performance.   One well reviewed software application for portfolio analysis is CRM2plus.

CRM2plus software provides clarity to financial statements.  Information is condensed into visuals that are easy to read and understand. Statements can be read into CRM2plus, analyzed and graphed at the press of a button.  Questions such as ‘what if I did this?’ can be answered easily with visuals and actual market data.   Investment Analysis Software

  “How does CRM2plus differ from what is available in the marketplace?” 

Answer:  CRM2plus provides an advisor with tangibles to demonstrate their value to their high net worth clients.

The key competitive advantages of CRM2plus software are;

  • Clients see graphically what was invested and when, against portfolio market value over time.
  • Performance of the complete portfolio can be shown on one graph. The advisor can analyze various assets and aggregate them for a complete financial picture, including external assets such as real estate investments.
  • The advisor can group clients. This is relevant when analyzing a family’s pooled assets such as husband and wife’s RRSP’s, TFSA’s, a family trust, and a business.
  • Benchmarking: Using data from major stock market indices including S&P and NASDAQ , the software can create a transactionally consistent comparison portfolio for benchmarking. Indices can be weighted, to demonstrate the effects of market movements on a client portfolio.

Why is CRM2plus software important?  Success comes from being the best and this is easier with the best tools.   CRM2plus is a competitive advantage for the Financial Advisor to retain high net worth clients.



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