Client Questions, Time Pressures, and CRM2

My performance is only gaged by what my last statement was so I don’t really have a sense of how I am doing or what my performance was. “

“My portfolio went up and I was happy. It went down and I was sad. I have been doing this for 16 years and I don’t know how much I have invested and how much I have made.”

This was a conversation with one of my clients and I am certain that it is a common thought. Explaining financial performance to clients is a challenging undertaking. Entering data, running analyses, and creating graphs and pictorials, are complex and time-consuming tasks, but are necessary preparations for client meetings.

How do you streamline this time-consuming process?

New tools have become available to meet this challenge. Portfolio analysis software, such as CRM2plus, will significantly reduce your workload. Our software reads in financial statements and in minutes, can graph investments against current value, identify top performing quarters and years, and compare against meaningful benchmarks that mirror the portfolio holdings. CRM2plus creates, in pictorial form, tangible and meaningful information for you and your client.  CRM2plus for Planners

CRM2plus was designed by financial advisors to address the regulatory requirements. Once top financial advisors saw the benefits of using this software, the capabilities were expanded to include benchmarking, merging portfolios, and creating counterfactuals. In 2016, this software was made available to the public for general subscription.

Investment Analysis Software
Software for Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, CFP’s

CRM2plus for Planners


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