Resolutions for 2017 – Finance


Investing is like dieting -No one really wants to get on that scale and see the actual numbers. Most people find that financial statements from financial advisors are confusing. If you are like I was, you would open your monthly statement and if the number is up, you are happy. If the number is down, you are disappointed.

This process doesn’t really tell you if you are doing well or not. How much have you invested in total? How much have you made in total? How does your portfolio performance compare to the TSX or other investment alternatives? Will you be able to reach your investment and retirement goals?

If you are interested in taking charge of your financial future, we recommend trying out this new software: CRM2plus. CRM2plus lets you track your portfolio performance. At the press of a button, you can compare the amount that you invested to the market value of your investments. Press another button and compare your performance with the TSX, S&P, and other indices, to understand how you are actually doing.

Using the estimator, you can extrapolate your numbers to retirement. Envisage where you will be at retirement, what your monthly income at that time will be, and what your assets may be.

Educate yourself and put your financial freedom into your own hands with CRM2Plus.

CRM2plus Investment Analysis Software




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